All Jazz Occurrence™ events include artist Lewis Achenbach (unless otherwise noted)


Jazz Occurrence™ No1 : the Vincent Davis Achtet at the Aurora Public Art Commission with Ari Brown, Mars Williams, Jim Baker, Preyas Roy, Scott Hesse and Harrison Bankhead : May 23rd 2014

Jazz Occurrence™ No2 : the Jazz Occurrence Sextet : Julia Miller, Elbio Barilari, Tim Davis, Rollo Radford and Edward Wilkerson Jr. : August 1st 2014

Illuminated Sound with Molly Rose at the Glen Ellyn Bookstore : November 18th 2014

Jazz Occurrence™ No3 : to be rescheduled

Jazz Occurrence™ No4 : Volcano Radar at Institute Cervantes : Oct 11th 2014 : Julia Miller, Elbio Barilari, Lou Ciccotelli, Edward Wilkerson Jr. and Harrison Bankhead

Sound Into Canvas : Proyecto Libre with Lewis Achenbach at Elastic Arts Foundation : October 18th 2014

Jazz Occurrence™ No5 : Proyecto Libre at the Aurora Public Art Commission with James Sanders, Jean-Christophe Leroy, Harrison Bankhead and Avreeayl Ra : May 15th 2015

Jazz Occurrence No6 : Vincent Davis Percussion Plus at Constellation Chicago : Matt Gold, Hanah Jon Taylor, Preyas Roy, Andrew Lawrence, Darius Savage, Corey Wilkes, Ben Schmidt-Swartz : October 10th 2015

Jazz Occurrence No7 : Volcano Radar at High Concept Labs (Chicago Artists Month) : Julia Miller, Elbio Barilari, Tim Davis and Harrison Bankhead : October 24th 2015

Jazz Occurrence No8 : Chris Weller’s Open Forum Project at Fulton Street Collective : Marcus Evans, Dave Miller, Russ Johnson, Albert Wildeman and Chris Weller : November 14th 2015

Tertulia de Jazz with Twin Talk at Cafe K’tizo Wheaton April 15th 2016

Jazz Occurrence No9 : ROOMS of the MIND with Renee Baker at the APAC : May 6th 2016

Jazz Occurrence No10 : John Pazdan’s EMPTY SET at the Aurora Public Art Commission with John Pazdan, Eve Szokolai, and Bill Vermette : June 3rd 2016

UNFEST 2017:

Chicago Gypsy Project at Fulton Street Collective May 4th 2017 : Jacob Wilson, Nick Mizock, Karl Siegfried, Samuel ‘Savoir faire’ Williams

Jazz Occurrence No11 : Cameron Pfiffner, Jim Baker, Brian Sandstrom and Tim Daisy at the APAC : May 5th 2017

Chris Weller’s Open Forum Project at Fulton Street Collective May 10th 2017 : Marcus Evans, Junius Paul, Cole DeGenova and Juan Pastor : Media - StopTimeLive

Scott Hesse’s Photo Narrative at Fulton Street Collective May 11th 2017 : Dana Hall, Clark Sommers, Russ Johnson, Scott Hesse : Media - StopTimeLive

Juan Pastor and Chinchano at Arteculture opening West Chicago May 19th 2017 to end UNFEST 2017

Jazz Occurrence No12 : Douglas R. Ewart and Eli Hoenai at Oswego Fine Arts High School : 3rd annual Oswego Occurrence : September 15th 2017

Jazz Occurrence No13 : Ari Brown, Katie Ernst, Greg Ward, Matt Piet, Dalia Chin, Mike Reed and Harrison Bankhead at Constellation Chicago December 13th 2017 : film by David Weathersby

Occurrence at the Logan : Douglas R. Ewart and Coco Elysses : film by StopTimeLive : July 11th 2018

Jazz Occurrence No14 : Rajiv Halim Quintet at the Aurora Public Art : August 3rd 2018

Occurrence No15 : Nyahbingi Drum Choir "Songs of Splendour" at the Aurora Public Art : September 8th 2018

Jazz Occurrence No16 : Saalik Ziyad’s Loop Sessions with Fred Jackson and Jonathan Woods at Oswego Visual Arts HS (National Arts in Education Week) : 4th annual Oswego Occurrence : September 14th 2018

Jazz Occurrence No17 : Extraordinary Popular Delusions at the Apple Store on Michigan Ave Chicago : January 24th 6:30-8PM 2019

Jazz Occurrence No18 :

Jazz Occurrence No19 :

Jazz Occurrence No20 :